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Fourth Wall Esports Club announces Staffordshire University as their 'Official Educational Partner'

British esports organisation Fourth Wall Esports Club has announced a partnership with Staffordshire University as their 'Official Educational Partner'.

With campuses based in Stoke & London, Staffordshire University introduced the first esports degree in the UK. This strategic partnership will create new opportunities for the students at Staffordshire University, providing them with a direct link to industry experts and other perks.

Throughout the partnership, students can expect to receive:

- Workshops from Industry Experts

- Work life practice: Including CV reviews and mock interviews

- Paid Internships at Fourth Wall Esports Club

Fourth Wall Esports Club, previously London Esports, recently announced their rebrand which includes a focus on running more community events.

"I'm happy that we are able to finally announce this partnership. I have been involved with Staffordshire University for a few years now and have always tried to provide their students with any knowledge that I can which I believed would help them develop." said Alfie Wright, CEO of Fourth Wall Esports Club. "Hearing that the university wanted to directly work with us to create opportunities for the students was music to my ears. I'm excited to deliver a one-of-a-kind partnership focusing on the development of the students"

"We’re very excited to team up with Fourth Wall Esports Club. Staffordshire University has developed a stimulating creative learning environment that prepares our graduates to become trailblazers in esports and creative technologies.

“As part of this partnership our students will get the opportunity to be involved in paid internships at Fourth Wall and we look forward to seeing how this partnership evolves," said Laura-Jane Filotrani, Associate Dean at Staffordshire University London.

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