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Based in London, Fourth Wall is led by a team with over a decade worth of experience in the field. 

Built on inclusivity and entertainment, we aim to be at the centre of content and events. Utilising our network of content platforms allows us to engage directly with our fans both online and in-person.

Currently competing within the NLC Ecosystem in League of Legends, we stand out because we follow our key pillars:

Community - growing a digitally native fanbase across the UK and Europe, we are creating a community event programme providing fan engagement opportunities and unique experiences, with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

Content - utilising our personable and charismatic talent, we have a full production staff who know the exact types of content our audience wants to consume.​

Competition - we play to win and are building top-ranked rosters. We will also build out our path-to-pro academy system that will create the next generation of players. 

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